Shooting a run-and-gun commercial

In this commercial, our client, an adaptogen supplement company, wanted to shoot a lifestyle commercial showcasing 5 characters in their natural environment, doing the things they love most. Our challenge was to organize and produce the entire commercial within 4 days – from conception to delivery.

To tackle this logistic labyrinth, our producer had to work around the clock and intricately plan out every detail within 24 hours. Of course, reality never pans out the way you wanted it to and we ran into nightmares after nightmares. Actor canceling on you at the last minute? Check. Replacement actor canceling on you too? Double-check. Weather report being wrong? Check. Traffic accidents on your commute? Got that too.

In trying times like this, it makes me ever grateful to have a tightly-knit crew that always have each other’s back. Having multiple seasoned producers on the team, we were able to find suitable replacements for actor and location from past experience. All the changes were then approved by the client while the production team is in the field getting the shots. After consecutive sleepless nights, I’m extremely proud of what we were able to achieve. You can view the final creative in the link below.

Check out the commercial here:

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