This week I am showcasing a story of both success and failure for the same client’s commercial video. This client is an overseas supermarket franchise that delivers groceries and household products from their warehouse straight to customers’ doorstep, skipping all the cost and complexity of a physical storefront. They were looking to create advertising and marketing videos to aid their efforts to expand across Canada and into the US.

Our client was uncertain about what they wanted to feature through these videos, so they decided for us to create a comprehensive overview advertisement that included topics from quality assurance to customer service, mobile app features, and even details on their supply chain. This video totaled 2 minutes. Its narrative was discursive and the message was too indirect. As anyone working in marketing will attest, you never want any video to go over a minute, especially when the video is supposed to hit your audience in the awareness stage of the sales cycle.

Without further charge, we went above and beyond to offer the client an alternative solution: We shoot a 30 second, tongue-in-cheek skit based on our marketing expertise for the client to compare and choose. It featured a couple desperately rummaging through their cupboards in their kitchen, only to find that the only “food” left was a banana peel. The video ended there with the punch line “Can’t find what you need? Go to XXX delivery app”. I will let you guess which video outperformed the other and was eventually chosen by the client. It was the latter.

If you have an idea for your next commercial video, consider where you are hitting your target audience in the sales cycle. Avoid overburdening potential customers with the information they don’t need. Find ways to articulate your value proposition in the shortest and most resonant form.

Watch the two videos mentioned in this blog below:

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