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How to produce videos in small spaces | Media Craftsman

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How to make a narrow 6x18ft research lab corridor look charming when creating a virtual experience that appeals to the audience? Like many not-for-profit organizations, our client JDRF was eager to find an alternative solution that replaces in-person fundraising events without compromising donor engagement under the constraints of COVID. JDRF Canada is the largest Canadian charitable funder of type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. With these goals and context in mind, my team and I showed up to produce an hour-long live stream for donor celebration and fundraising.
The production budget was tight. This led to the challenge of having to make a narrow research lab corridor look presentable and attractive. We thought out of the box and expanded the visual space by creating color contrast. By adding multiple layers of colored lights while blocking out all of the natural light, we successfully made a befitting space for a prestigious award ceremony.

This live stream consisted of segments for real-time broadcasting as well as segments from pre-recordings. Within a short span of an afternoon, we produced all the hosting segments, the award show intro, and a research update video. Our client was amazed by the quality of production that we were able to deliver. This online event was seen by over 400 live participants and helped JDRF reach its fundraising goals.
Now you know that it’s possible to create a professionally polished live stream with a small crew and a limited budget. Live streaming is now a popular video solution for many business functions such as recognition ceremonies, fundraising events, and sales presentations.
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